Choose your Add Ons


No Internet solution is complete without a Wi-Fi network to connect to. Most people onboard usually carry three devices with them: their smartphone, tablet and laptop. The mobility nature of those demands a wireless solution. Let us know how many different Wi-Fi networks you require (CORP, CREW.. even one exclusively for WhatsApp!) and we will fully configure it for you. Simple as that. And with our monitoring portal, you will be able to track what users and IP addresses are consuming too much traffic. Is that specific user strangely using the Internet? Disconnect them from the click of a button!


A vessel is all about their human personnel. Being far away from family and friends for long periods of time makes crew retention even harder. But being able to contact them from the vast oceans, receive or send pictures, make Skype or Facetime calls... makes all the difference. Add these guest portal features so that your crew can access and enjoy connectivity by entering a voucher code. Either give these codes away as bonus for keeping up the good work, or make profit by selling them! It is entirely up to you.

  • Voice vouchers are based on a certain amount of money (different destinations have different costs)
  • Data vouchers are either time-based, kbytes-based, or both.


In a world day by day more cybersecurity-aware, implementing a firewall solution to protect your system from external threats is a must. And the risk goes even beyond when it is actually one of your branch offices which is at sea. Make use of our cutting-edge firewall to enforce internet control policies amongst your crew. Our DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) engine includes the latest application identification signatures. You won’t be limited to applying rules based on protocols and ports (usually difficult to relate to a single app), but rather applications directly!


Have an automated and efficient way of managing multiple WAN links, making the most of your available connections wherever you are. When at sea, use our VSAT as your primary connection, and add any other backup system of your own. And when sailing nearby coast, check out our 3G/4G solution to get the best of terrestrial connectivity, giving you access to higher data rates at lower latency values. With this add on, just plug in all your different WAN links, set priorities, and start enjoying seamless connectivity without having to worry about switching between one and the other.


It is within our reach to improve your experience onboard, even if your VSAT connection is as low as 128kbps. We have integrated a cutting edge accelerator to deliver bandwidth optimization. Designed to increase the speed and efficiency of any last mile Internet connection, its complete suite of management tools enables businesses to improve productivity, lower the cost of business and accelerate the entire Internet. Up to 800% speed improvement, 75% reduction in compressible network traffic... Accelerating all traffic types, including video, streaming media and encrypted traffic, without sacrificing video resolution or modifying data security.


Keep your communications private. Keep your information safe. Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities take you one step further in cybersecurity, all data sent to and from your vessel via satellite will be encrypted to ensure no one tampers with your company’s vital data. We support either PPTP Remote Access or IPsec Site-to-Site.


If your core business is at sea, the default VoIP phone included in our airtime will no longer be sufficient. Our PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephony system will provide you the capabilities required to run your business: set different extensions, transfer calls, record statistics, set an automatic call answering, place external callers on hold while waiting for a requested person to answer… Everything you already do on-shore, let us configure it for you off-shore.

3G/4G Connectivity

When nearby coast, take advantage of conventional terrestrial communications. Forget about blockage. Forget about 600ms latency. We understand VSAT as a way to stay connected where other systems would fail, keeping you online in the furthest of places. But why shouldn’t you enjoy the higher data rates offered by 3G/4G when available? Get this functionality and running with this add on. And if interested, don’t forget to check out our failover solution, to make the transition between VSAT and 3G/4G seamless.